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Who Are we?

We are ex-addicts to sin who have been saved by Jesus, and meet on the Moor.


We live to know and worship God through Christ who saved us. Christ became a man and died on the cross for us. When we simply repented and believed he took away our many sins, and their power over us. Jesus rose from the dead, and is reigning in heaven. Through faith, we look forward to eternal life with him. 


We want more people on Cleator Moor to know God and his salvation. All people will meet their Maker. No amount of good deeds will cut it—only Jesus's perfection in our place, gained through faith. We want everyone to truly hear this good news, to get it, and to respond. 

Our starting Core Team is pictured above
Chelsea, John, Stan, Nathan, Alison, Lan, Joe (and Ben—now in Sheffield)

Screenshot 2022-07-12 180052.png
Joe Pearson

Pastor / Lead Elder

07792 738692

Joe is heading up the church in the main leadership role. Throw questions and queries at him. He would especially like to have a crack if you live local, and want to know what we're on about! 

A little backstory

Motivated some years ago to share the gospel on Cleator Moor, I met with Si Walker and prayed to God for the town. Over time a vision began to form: to plant a church, and to bring the gospel to the people here with a focus on those from more tough backgrounds. Me, Chelsea and our son have moved to the town. We met with the core team, and some others, for 6 years before starting Sunday meetings. 

St John's Church, Hensingham, has given the fuel and training for Joe and much of the team. Each of us is able to contribute so much of our growth in Christ to the leadership and members there. In September, we came out of St. John's and we ourselves are now an independent church, and are affiliated as a "recognised church plant" with FIEC.

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