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On the Resources Page, we hope to fill it with helpful resources. You can find all our sermons, but also useful stuff from others that we recommend.


Preaching God's Word is at the heart of what we do. follow the link to find our previous sermons, put out as podcasts on BuzzSprout.

Any questions you have from these talks, just drop a message through the socials/email. Joe's favourite things is responding to questions about the bible! 


Music is class, and praising God for who he is and what he does is an essential part of the Christian life. Songs help press head knowledge into your heart. 

Click Here for a playlist of songs that we sing at Church on the Moor. 



Quality Christian books are a great way to enlarge your view of God, or take guidance on the Christian life. 

We have some recommendations on the left, and free bibles (the best book!) are available on Sundays if you want one. 

We love and support Cornerstone Books, a shop which can be found in Whitehaven round the back of Wilkos. You can order books through their website:


We want everyone who comes into contact with us to feel safe, valued and cared for. We believe that each person is made in the image of God, and as a result have an inherent dignity and worth. 

As a church we take safeguarding seriously and we work with local and national organisations to help us to do all we can to keep everyone safe.

We are signed up with Christian Safeguarding Services, who advice us, provide training, and are giving us guidance as we establish and revisit our safeguarding practices and policies. 

Bible Thinker
Video answers to loads of questions. In depth analysis into current questions. And very good at showing positions on differing questions. But most vitally his goal is to help everyone think biblically about everything, so you can tackle life's situations yourself! 

Desiring God

Excellent resources and wisdom on a variety of things. Through articles, podcasts and sermons. Excellent bank of sermons, predominately by John Piper. 

Bible Gateway

Loads of Bible Versions available for comparison.

Christians Against Poverty

In debt? Know someone in Debt? Christians against Poverty can help. Click the logo to see info about the local debt centre run by a church who partner with through mission community. 

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